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Your chimneys put in their fair share of hard work during the winter months,  and it’s not just all the hard work that can take its toll on your chimney systems – it’s also the weather! 


At Dundalk Chimney Cleaners we are here to help. Using the newest technology combined with our years of experience we ensure your chimney remains in great health.


Our job is to clean and test your chimney flue. If the chimney is blocked or partially blocked you are in danger of chimney fires and harmful emissions such as Carbon Monoxide that are produced by open fires and stoves.


Dundalk Chimney Cleaners are proud to be able to offer the cleanest and most effective chimney sweep and vacuum service using modern techniques. Our equipment has been developed by industry experts with years of experience and has won numerous innovation awards. 


  • YOUR HEALTH - Fumes from gas or coal fires can cause serious damage to your health and in the worse cases prove fatal. Having your chimney swept regularly by a will make sure that the flue is sufficiently clear to allow the fumes to escape freely and safely out of the chimney.



  • AVOID CHIMNEY FIRES - Having your chimney swept regularly will reduce the chances of having a chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause property damage – the least usually being a cracked or broken chimney pot, which will need to be replaced and the worst being you could lose your home! 



  • AVOID SMOKE DAMAGE - Each time the fire is used, soot will accumulate up the chimney. Gradually, this will decrease the size of the flue, which in turn, will lower the draw of the smoke upwards. If the chimney does not have enough pull, the smoke will enter into your room, blacken your wallpaper and decorations. 





of fires in Ireland are started by chimney fires


* Based on an Eircom Phonewatch Study published in the Irish Times 

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